Moxon antenna designer

Design a lightweight Moxon antenna for the upper HF bands. Named after Les Moxon, G6XN who developed it in the early 1950's, and later refined by L. B. Cebik, W4RNL, this antenna is basically a compact version of a 2-element Yagi with folded elements, designed for a single band, with a feed-point impedance very close to 50 ohms. It is constructed using either wire or lightweight tubing, displays good forward gain and very good front-to-back F/B ratio.  Read more...

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Principal band
Frequency: kHz
Antenna wire / tube
Diameter: mm
Support pole
Height: m (At support point)
Driver element
Long side: m
Short side: m
Reflector element
Long side: m
Short side: m
Antenna overview
Driver element Reflector element Elements
Long side Short side Long side Short side
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Antenna performance

Here you can generate plots of radiation patterns, VSWR chart, antenna currents diagram and Smith chart for your antenna over a choice of ground types. By changing the physical dimensions of the antenna, and refreshing these plots, you can learn a lot about how such antennas will perform in the field.
Please note that radiation patterns are here modelled over flat ground - when the antenna is erected on a hill-top or mountain summit, the surrounding sloping ground will generally cause angles in the elevation radiation pattern to be lowered in the direction of the slope: the steeper the slope, the lower the effective elevation take-off angle will be, and the better the chances of making long-distance contacts.

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Antenna gains
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